Malaria Reminder During Your Winter Holidays

As we go off to enjoy our well deserved winter holidays, it's essential for travellers to bear in mind the risks associated with malaria. This potentially serious parasitic infection, transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito, requires heightened awareness, especially during the winter season.

Travellers heading to regions at risk for malaria should be aware of potential disruptions in preventive measures, diagnosis, and treatment.

Friendly Reminder for Winter Holiday Travellers

Before You Travel:

  1. Always leave sufficient time (6 - 8 weeks) before your travel plans to allow time for vaccinations and anti-malaria treatment options to be explored
  2. Check destination-specific malaria risk 
  3. Take preventive measures against other health risks at your destination such as vaccines

While You Are Away:

  • Be aware of malaria risk at your chosen destination.
  • Practice effective bite prevention
  • Use anti-malaria tablets if recommended 
  •  Remember to seek prompt medical advice if malaria symptoms develop such as fever, muscle pains, headache and tiredness

Although modern prevention methods are highly effective, they don't provide 100% protection.  Avoiding mosquito bites and seeking immediate advice for symptoms is crucial.

On Your Return

Suspected malaria is a medical emergency. If you or your travel partners experience fever or flu-like symptoms after visiting a malaria-endemic area, seek immediate medical attention urgently and for up to 12 months after returning from your trip.

Inform healthcare providers of your travel history, mention malaria, and request testing.

Malaria symptoms may take up to a year to appear after returning from a malaria-risk region.

Consider A Travel Service Appointment

It is highly recommended to see a travel health specialist such as those Kennedy's Pharmacy before going on holiday to receive destination specific guidance alongside receiving advice and help on preventive measures for malaria.

If you are travelling to an area with a risk of Malaria you may be recommended to take anti-malarial tablets to prevent you from becoming infected. 

Booking for this service is currently made by telephoning either of our pharmacies in Rasharkin or Dunloy. 

At present our Travel service are offered mainly in our Rasharkin pharmacy with our pharmacist, Cara Murdock who has completed specialist training in Travel Health.

Tel: 028 2957 1124 (Rasharkin)

Learn more about our Malaria Prophylaxis Travel Service.


In conclusion, maintaining a vigilant approach to malaria during winter holidays is crucial for travellers going to regions at risk. By prioritising pre-travel advice, adopting preventive measures, and promptly seeking medical attention if symptoms arise, individuals can significantly reduce the impact of this potentially serious parasitic infection.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the risk of contracting malaria?

Typical symptoms of Malaria can often be described as 'flu-like' and include shivering, fever, joint pain, vomiting, and convulsions. The classic symptom of Malaria is a sudden coldness followed by fever and sweating.

In severe cases, Malaria can progress extremely rapidly, induce a coma and even death.

Please consult us for personalised advice and to address any specific concerns you may have. Stay safe and enjoy your journey without the worry of malaria.

What areas have a risk of Malaria Prophylaxis?

Malaria Prophylaxis is very common in certain parts of the world. It's found in tropical regions, including:

  • Large areas of Africa and Asia
  • Central and South America
  • Dominican Republic and Haiti
  • parts of the Middle East
  • some Pacific islands

How far in advance of travel should I get my travel vaccinations and anti-malarial treatment?

It is best to check with the pharmacist as to when your vaccine course and anti-malarial treatment should commence. It is best to contact Cara as soon as possible so that we can ensure you receive the best protection whilst you are travelling allowing you to concentrate on enjoying your trip.

Is there a cost for the travel vaccination service?

There is a £35 consultation fee for your initial consultation and any additional cost will depend on your individual situation. The pharmacist will be able to advise.