Brand Spotlight: A Vogel

A Vogel Supplements is a company that has been providing natural remedies and supplements to people around the world since 1963. With a focus on using high-quality ingredients and traditional herbal remedies, A Vogel supplements are designed to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Before we go into A Vogel, we need to talk about the man behind the brand, Alfred Vogel.

Who Is Alfred Vogel?

Alfred Vogel, the founder of A Vogel, herbalist and innovator. 

Since childhood, Alfred had a keen and pioneer spirit with the objective of developing natural medicines and remedies that helped contribute to people's lives. The true uniqueness of his idea was Alfred Vogel's desire to use the fresh and "whole" plant for his herbal medicines.

According to Vogel's approach: "Producing medicinal products from fresh plants is an art that requires talent and love, not just technical knowledge". This in addition to "work, care, sensitivity, complete understanding and plenty of love for the plants and a strong interest in healing suffering."

A Vogel In A Nutshell

The company’s product range consists of mainly herbal remedies and homeopathic treatments. They use only the best natural ingredients and ensuring that the supplements are safe, effective, and free from artificial preservatives.

Now that you know a little more about the brand, we list some of the top products to keep a lookout for in our online store. 

A Vogel Menoforce Sage Tablets £14.50

One of the most popular A Vogel supplements amongst women going through their menopause journey. This formula contains extracts of sage herb which has gained a reputation as a simple way of helping deal with excessive sweating, hot flushes and night sweats during the menopause.

  • 51mg of fresh sage tincture per tablet
  • Convenient one-a-day dosage
  • Licensed herbal remedy for menopausal hot flushes and night sweats

A Vogel Milk Thistle Complex Drops £11.99

Another popular A Vogel remedy is the Milk Thistle Complex Drops. Used to strengthen the liver. Milk Thistle protects this organ by enhancing the ability to break down dietary fats.

  • Made from milk thistle seeds (fruit).
  • Also contains fresh plant extracts of Artichoke, Dandelion & Peppermint
  • Popular weight management product for detoxification purposes

A Vogel Atrogel Arnica Gel £12.30

A Vogel supplements are also designed to support various health concerns, such as muscle aches, pains and strains. The A Vogel Atrogel Arnica Gel is a traditional herbal remedy used to help with these ailments. Made from extracts of fresh Arnica flowers and this herbal remedy comes as an easy-to-apply non-greasy gel.

  • Pain relief for stiff neck and shoulders
  • Pain relief for other muscle aches and pains
  • For sporting injuries such as joint sprains & strains
  • Made from extracts of freshly harvested Arnica
  • Can be used with other medicines

A Vogel Hypericum Drops £11.99

One of the unique things about A Vogel supplements is the use of traditional herbal remedies to help aid mental wellbeing. With A Vogel Hypericum Drops, this fresh herb tincture contains a combination of St. John's Wort, Melissa and Hops which holistically works as an antidepressant and a calming agent.

  • Useful for depression where anxiety and tension are also present.
  • This tincture can also benefit women suffering mood swings as a result of menopause.
  • The calming action has been known to help some with nervous, digestive discomfort (e.g Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms triggered by stress).

A Vogel Products For Spring 2024

With spring around the corner, for many people, that means it's time to start preparing for the hay fever, cold and flu season.

This means you'll see a lot of symptoms going around such as sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, and nasal congestion. While these can be a nuisance, there are many A Vogel products available that can help relieve this!

A Vogel Sinuforce Nasal Spray £8.25

Nasal sprays are one of the most popular products for treating hay fever. A Vogel Sinuforce Nasal Spray is best used for the relief of nasal congestion and catarrh. Their formula combines menthol alongside peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil to ease breathing, with chamomile oil to help give a soothing effect on your nose.

  • Relief of nasal congestion
  • Relief of nasal catarrh
  • Can be used for longer periods of time 

A Vogel Echinaforce Hot Drink £11.35

For those who prefer their natural remedies in a hot drink then A Vogel Echinaforce Hot Drink is perfect. This herbal formula contains a combination of Echinacea and Elderberry juice to help fight off the symptoms of cold and flu. 

  • Helps fight colds & flu
  • Soothing for symptoms such as headaches & muscle ache
  • Made from extracts of fresh Echinacea purpurea
  • Flavoured with Black Elderberry juice (Sambucus) 

A Vogel Bronchoforce Chesty Cough £11.99

For some, the spring time might come with a lot of chesty coughs which is a type of cough that produces mucus or phlegm and can be annoying to deal with. Bronchoforce Chesty Cough (Ivy Thyme Complex) is the right herbal remedy for the relief of chesty coughs, mucus coughs and catarrh, with Ivy, Thyme and Liquorice which are known herbal remedies for chesty coughs.

  • Herbal remedy for chesty or mucus cough
  • Helps the body expel mucus or catarrh from the chest
  • Made from freshly harvested Ivy and Thyme
  • Contains Liquorice root

In conclusion, A Vogel are a great choice for anyone looking to maintain a healthy wellbeing. With a focus on natural ingredients and traditional remedies, A Vogel supplements offer a safe and effective alternative to other supplements on the market.

Whether you are looking to support your immune system, manage stress and anxiety, or improve your sleep, A Vogel supplements have got you covered. These are just a select few items available on our store. Make sure to check out the A Vogel Products page for a complete shopping experience!