Best Perfume Gift for Women

Perfume is often considered one of the most thoughtful and luxurious gifts you can give to a woman. It's a personal and intimate gesture that shows you've put thought into selecting something special.

In this guide, we'll explore how to pick the best perfume gift for women, from understanding their preferences to discovering top fragrances and more.

Why Perfume Makes a Great Gift

Gifting perfume is a timeless tradition because it appeals to our sense of smell, which is closely linked to memories and emotions. When a woman wears a perfume you've gifted, it can bring back fond memories of the occasion and your thoughtful gesture.

Choosing the Perfect Perfume

Consider Her Preferences

The first step in choosing the perfect perfume is to consider the recipient's preferences. Does she prefer floral, fruity, woody, or oriental scents? Understanding her taste is crucial.

Perfumes are categorised into various scent families, such as floral, oriental, woody, and citrus. Each category has its own unique characteristics, so it's essential to know which one aligns with her taste.

Here are some examples of fragrance notes you'll typically find:

  • Citrus Notes: Lemon, Lime, Orange, Bergamot
  • Floral Notes: Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, Lily of the Valley
  • Woody Notes: Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Pine
  • Oriental Notes: Vanilla, Patchouli, Amber
  • Spicy Notes: Cinnamon, Pepper, Cardamom
  • Fruity Notes: Apple, Pear, Peach, Strawberry
  • Aquatic Notes: Sea Breeze, Water Lily, Oceanic Accord
  • Herbal Notes: Basil, Mint, Sage
  • Green Notes: Grass, Leaves, Green Tea
  • Gourmand Notes: Chocolate, Coffee, Caramel

These fragrance notes are used in perfumery to create a wide range of scents, each with its own unique character and appeal.

Longevity and Sillage

Look for perfumes with good longevity and sillage (the trail of scent left behind). High-quality perfumes tend to last longer and project well throughout the day.

Top 5 Perfumes for Women

Now, let's delve into some top perfume recommendations for women that's available in our online store!

inis Cologne Spray

The Inis Cologne Spray is a beautifully presented fragrance in a frosted bottle. It is inspired by the wild Atlantic coast of Ireland and has a light, long-lasting scent that brings a sense of happiness.


Verset Parfums Elle

Verset Parfums Elle is the perfect perfume for her, embodying a modern blend of notes that infuse the fragrance with a sense of courage, luxury, and elegance. This delightful fragrance combines the freshness of tangerine with the floral notes of rose, grounded by the warmth of patchouli.


Verset Parfums Sofia

Verset Parfums Sofia is a fragrance that celebrates the independent and modern woman. This perfume combines the alluring top note of blackcurrant with the delicate heart note of peach blossom, all harmonised by the warm and comforting base note of vanilla.

Jenny Glow Forest Bluebell

Jenny Glow Forest Bluebell Perfume offers a refreshing and nature-inspired scent experience. This perfume features top notes of bluebell, green accords, sweet balsam, and clove, evoking the crisp and invigorating atmosphere of a forest. In the middle notes, you'll find the subtle sweetness of peach and persimmon, adding a touch of fruity warmth to the fragrance. 

Jenny Glow Opium

Jenny Glow Opium Perfume is a truly captivating and irresistible scent experience. This perfume opens with a vibrant aura of pink pepper, orange blossom, and pear, leading into a mesmerising blend of coffee, jasmine, bitter almond, and liquorice in the middle notes. The fragrance culminates in a hypnotic and unique combination of vanilla, patchouli, cedar, and cashmere wood in the base notes.

Perfume Gift Sets

Perfume gift sets offer great value for money and make the gift more special by including other items they'll love alongside the perfume. Here are our favourite options.

Inis Ocean Love Set In Keepsake Box

The sparkling seas design of the keepsake box and the ocean fresh scent of our Inis favourites will invite you to feel close to the sea and leave you beautifully fragranced and greatly refreshed.

Comes with:

  • a travel/handbag size inis Cologne in our unique frosted bottle 30ml
  • seaweed-enriched inis Body Lotion 85ml
  • refreshing Bath and Shower Gel 85ml

Jenny Glow Belle Body Spray & Fragrance Set

Jenny Glow Belle Body Spray and Fragrance is 2 piece set of the luxurious Jenny Glow Belle scent. This scent is a pleasantly fruity fragrance with hints of fresh florals. 

Comes with:

  • Jenny Glow Belle 30ml Perfume
  • Jenny Glow Belle 150ml Body Spray


Choosing the best perfume gift for women involves considering her preferences, exploring fragrance categories, and selecting from top-quality options. A well-chosen perfume gift can create lasting memories and show your thoughtfulness.

If your looking for more options, check out our complete range of fragrances and perfumes for her online!


Is it appropriate to gift perfume for any occasion?

Perfume can be a great gift for various occasions, but it's essential to consider the recipient's preferences and the significance of the event.

What should I look for in a perfume's longevity and sillage?

Look for perfumes that last throughout the day and have a pleasant sillage without being overpowering.

How should I store perfume to ensure it stays fresh?

Store perfume in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and temperature fluctuations to preserve its fragrance.